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Why should you use a recruitment firm?

Finding the right talent is a huge challenge for every human resources manager. The more candidates there are, the more difficult it is to find talent with all the required technical and human skills. The recruitment process can drag on and the longer a recruitment takes, the more money it costs. 


More and more companies are delegating the task to a specialized firm called a recruitment firm to improve their recruitments. These firms offer personalized services and take care of each step of the recruitment process. This starts with defining the company's needs and screening the most suitable candidates. The recruitment firm always updates the client company on the progress. 


What are the true advantages of using a recruitment firm? Let's see the answers together!

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1. Benefit from their recruitment knowledges

Recruitment firms work with recruitment experts. Some of them even specialize in the recruitment of specific profiles. Companies that use their services benefit from their expertise to help them manage their recruitment process

When you use a recruitment firm, you will have consultants at your service with all the necessary skills to find the ideal profile for your needs. These experts will provide you with customized advice to help you define the position to be filled. Furthermore, a recruitment consultant will also help you to draft your job offers to attract the right candidates. They will then diffuse the job offer on various communication channels, including social media and job boards. Finally, the recruitment expert will also use and master several sourcing strategies to find THE right talent for you. Your recruitment process is optimized and well managed.

2.Recruitment process adapted to the company's needs

A recruitment firm manages each recruitment project carefully by taking into account its specificities. Once you choose your recruitment firm, you can rely on a team of recruitment consultants to support you. The first thing experts do is determining your company's needs and expectations in terms of recruitment.

Your consultant will make every effort to understand your company's values before drafting or helping you draft the job offer. This step allows the consultant to list all the soft skills needed in the candidates. Consultants only focus on applicants with the right potential according to the criteria you identified. The number of applications to process is smaller, more relevant, and qualitative.

3.Take advantage of an attractive guarantee

Many recruitment firms offer their clients a success-based rate. This means that you are guaranteed a replacement for a predefined period of time. If the person recruited through the firm leaves the position during the guarantee period, the recruitment consultant commits to finding a more suitable profile by starting the process over again. The guarantee period is usually one month. In some cases, the firm may agree not to bill the company if the recruitment is not successful. 

Rushed hires can have serious consequences. It's hard to start over. It costs money and time. For example, if the chosen profile has the required technical skills, but fails to integrate into the company, he or she may leave the company very quickly. As a result, the position remains unfilled or vacant and the productivity of the entire team may suffer. Recruiting evolves over time. Consultants regularly update their recruiting skills to maximize the effectiveness of their service. The reason they give a guarantee is because they know they are always working hard to find the right fit.

4. Save time

Human resources managers or Talent Acquisition managers are usually in charge of recruitment in a company. However, they also have other tasks and do not always have the time to properly manage various recruitment processes. Using a recruitment firm allows HR managers to concentrate on their other tasks. The firm takes care of the entire recruitment process. They provide consultants who are 100% dedicated to finding the ideal profile for your team. Recruitment firms usually already have a pool of candidates or access to a well-stocked resume library. They are more likely to quickly find candidates that match your requirements. 

The experts quickly analyze the collected applications to find those who meet all your criteria. All you have to do is contact pre-screened applicants for interviews. You can decide for yourself who to recruit or you can request coaching from the firm.

5. Get the best value for your money

Initially, using a recruitment firm may seem more expensive. However, when you consider all the advantages mentioned above, it's obvious that companies benefit when their recruitments are managed by consultants in recruitment firms.

Please be aware that each firm sets its own rates, which may vary depending on the type of service you want to receive, but also on the profile you are looking for. Some profiles are in high demand and difficult to recruit. Don't forget to check the pricing method and the guarantee's duration if it's included. 

Here are the pricing methods you may find:  

  • An firm may charge 10% of the annual salary of a rare profile (non-refundable) before conducting the search. It may ask for the same amount once you're satisfied with the recruitment. In this case, the guarantee usually ranges from 6 to 12 months.
  • An firm may only charge you once you are satisfied with the recruitment of a profile that is not in high need. The cost of the service ranges from 15 to 25% of the annual salary with a one-month guarantee.

Sometimes, recruitment firms send their best candidate directly to the company based on the job description. If the candidate is suitable, you can hire him or her and buy out the contract for 20-50% of the hourly rate. Whatever alternative you choose, using a recruitment firm is always less expensive. The longer the process takes, the higher the expenses. Furthermore, hiring the wrong talent in a hurry can cost the company even more. Recruitment firms are dedicated to your project. They do everything to find the best talent in the shortest possible time while keeping your requirements in mind. As a result, you get a competent candidate and your company avoids high turnover.



This article highlighted the many advantages of using a recruitment firm for your company. This solution allows you to benefit from the firm's expertise in recruitment. These experts take the time to define your needs and criteria in order to establish tailor-made recruitment strategies. You will also benefit from a guarantee ranging from 1 to 12 months and from experts who manage the recruitment process from start to finish. It's a great investment.

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