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What is recruitment marketing?

You probably already heard about recruitment marketing. This new term is becoming more and more popular in the recruitment industry. Before the rise of the internet and all its effects on the job market, marketing and recruitment were two separate fields, belonging to two different departments within a company. However, the two can now be combined. In fact, doing so is becoming necessary to find rare and competent talent. So what are we talking about exactly?

The definition of recruitment marketing 

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Recruitment marketing isn't totally new because it combines these two professions. In order to fully understand its meaning, we will first go over the definitions of marketing and recruitment.

What is marketing?

Commercially speaking, marketing has always been based on the famous 4Ps: Product, Price, Publicity and Place. However, things have changed with the emergence of online sales. Today, influence, innovation and many other parameters must be taken into consideration. We can therefore define marketing as a strategy that allows a company to develop a product that meets the needs of target consumers, while considering its own budgetary and production capacities. This requires prior market research and competitive analysis. The company should also take into account all the constraints of the environment in which it is developing.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment involves more than just making an employment contract with a new profile. It refers to all the methods and tools that lead to this goal. Several steps must be taken to achieve this, the first of which is to clearly define the company's needs. This allows us to write a clear job offer and to diffuse it on different communication channels. The next step is to receive the applications, pre-select the best profiles and conduct interviews. In short, these are the actions taken to find the candidate who meets all the required criteria: diplomas, experience, skills, soft skills, etc.

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is about using marketing for recruitment. Today, the most qualified candidates are the most demanding, and rightfully so. Companies are fighting to get them on their team. The competition has intensified. Talent shortages have become a reality for many senior positions. 


90% of employees would consider changing jobs if they were offered a position in a company with an excellent reputation. (Source: CRO Magazine)

So, it's best to research the market and analyse the competition before you even define your recruitment needs. In other words, you should know your target candidates' needs first.

The recruiter's next step is to develop a marketing strategy to optimize their recruitment strategy. The goal is to promote the employer brand to convince the best candidates to join the company. Quality talent will not always go to the company that offers the highest salary - even though this is a key factor.

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You have to show that your company has a pleasant working environment, that the benefits are interesting, that there is a team spirit, etc. You must humanize the company as much as possible.

What involves recruitment marketing?

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How to succeed in recruitment marketing

  • Work on your employer brand 
  • Identify and segment talent pools
  • Use e-mailing to promote your company


We'll now look at what it takes to be successful in your recruitment marketing. The following three points will help you get better results by thinking like a marketing specialist. 

Attracting candidates with your employer brand

Would you buy a product online if the website wasn't sleek and modern and lacked relevant content? Probably not! Just like your clients, candidates do their research before making a decision to join your company or not. As you can see, recruitment marketing is all about employer branding.

Your employees are your company's ambassadors. You can ask them to share what they like about the company with their friends or on their social media. You can also ask them to leave reviews on your career website or make a short video. By the way, your company's career website should be of the highest quality. We already explained how to optimize a company's career website in another article. It's important to take care of its ergonomics, to post attractive job offers and to make it easy to apply on the page.

84% of job seekers believe that a company's reputation as an employer plays an significant role in their choice. (Source: TalentNow)


How to improve your employer brand?

In order to improve your employer brand, you should:

  • Provide a smooth, enjoyable, even exceptional user experience. 
  • Provide authentic, captivating, engaging, and compelling content that highlights your employer brand and company culture. 
  • Develop an intuitive application process that doesn't necessarily require signing up. 

People don't like signing up anymore because they associate it with newsletters that spam their email inbox.

Be sure to have a responsive career website, as most applicants use their smartphones and tablets to do their search. You should also include a feature on your career website that allows visitors to submit their resumes, no matter if they find a job they are interested in or not. This allows you to expand your resume library

Targeting and segmenting your talent pools

What is talent pool segmentation?

Talent pool segmentation is the categorization of target candidates into different personas. For example, you can segment your talent pools by groups, such as recent graduates, experienced, etc. You can even narrow down each persona by being more specific. For example, you can create a category for recent business graduates from a particular school.

Towards the end of the recruitment process, recruiters will have two excellent candidates and need to make the right choice. At this point, it becomes critical to segment and continue to build strong relationships with the two "finalists" in order to maintain a talent pipeline for future opportunities. 

The benefits of segmentation: 

The benefit of segmentation is that you can engage with talent on topics that interest them while keeping your brand and their needs in mind.


Include emailing in your recruitment effort

Communicating with potential candidates through the right email messages at the right frequency helps to convert them more easily and encourage them to apply. However, you should be very careful not to flood them with messages at the risk of overwhelming them and losing them. The goal is to encourage them to consider your company as a good partner in their job search and career.

A good recruiter should master e-mailing techniques, even if it means taking a training course on the subject. 

  • Each message should be professional, concise and engaging. 
  • You need to do some research beforehand to determine when and how often it is best to send them. 
  • You can include a picture or video if needed. 
  • Remember to end with a visible and attractive call to action. 
  • The email's subject line should be flawless.



We hope this article helped you learn more about recruitment marketing. The idea is to develop a marketing strategy to showcase the employer brand as well as the benefits of working for the company. This includes building a quality career website, optimizing the candidate experience and segmenting talent pools. As a recruiter, you can also use e-mail marketing to attract the best profiles. Recruitment marketing is an effective tool to target potential candidates and receive high quality applications.


Recruitment marketing cannot be improvised, you require advanced knowledge in both fields. You can outsource your recruitment process to increase your chances of finding the right candidate. Hunteed connects you with specialized recruitment agencies. Our platform allows you to find recruitment consultants who will develop the right marketing strategy for your recruitment process. They will study your needs and those of your target audience before recruiting. Working with Hunteed will save you time and improve your effectiveness.